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If you want to hide some of your posts from the WordPress website and it must index in google and viewed with its link but shouldn’t display on the homepage or blog page then this article will help you with that.

It’s a good idea if you want to give your reader something special which should be accessible by selected users then you can send the link of it and nobody will be able to view that article if they are visiting your website.


  • Index in search engines
  • Can be viewed with the link
  • Can Hide/Show anytime
  • Will not display on Homepage/Blog page, Search, Navigation, Category (Can be picked any one or all)

How To Hide Posts From WordPress Website Homepage/Blog Page?

Step 1: Log in to website Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search For “WP Hide Post” in the alternative you can use “WordPress Hide Posts” Install & Activate the Plugin
Step 2: All Posts > Edit the post that you want to hide
Step 3: Scroll down to the Post Visibility section > Select the places from where you want to hide it (Frontpage, Category page, Search page, etc). You can pick anyone or all at a time
Step 4: Update the Blog post and try visiting those pages from you have hidden it
That’s all

Note: Make sure to clear cache if you are using any caching plugin.

Post Can Be Hidden From

  • The Front Page (Homepage, depending on your theme, this may not be relevant)
  • The Category Page (listing the posts belonging to a category)
  • The Tag Page (listing the posts tagged with a given tag)
  • The Authors Page (listing the posts belonging to an author)
  • The Archive Pages (listing the posts belonging to time period: month, week, day, etc..)
  • The Search Results
  • Feeds

Wrap Up

I’m assuming from now you can hide your WordPress post from any part of your website as it is allowed by this plugin. If this article is useful to you in any way then make sure to share it on social media who want to do such things.

Happy Blogging!

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