Buying & Selling sites is becoming popular these days in this business Flippa is one of the best platform. This is a Flippa Review article to let you know how you can buy and sell websites on Flippa.

There are many hungry buyers who is looking for the pre-made and ranked sites. In this situation finding a trustworthy platform is very crucial.

But with Flippa it becomes easy for you to find your best buyer at higher prices.

Note: Here I won’t be covering how to start a blog or how to rank a blog. This is a tutorial guide and Flippa review to let you know how to buy and sell sites easily.

What Things You Can Buy & Sell On Flippa?

Flippa gives you the opportunity to buy and sell. Nowadays flipping is becoming a great business model and people are making thousands of dollars from each sell.

  • Domains
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Amazon FBA

How To Buy Websites On Flippa?

  • Sign up/Log In to your Flippa Account
  • Find the website suitable for you
  • Do a deep Research about the Website you are planning to buy
  • Such as Traffic, Income, Backlinks, Website Authority, Ask seller about all the queries you have
  • Make an offer
  • Once your offer is accepted purchase it
  • Migrate the website to the best Hosting you trust.

I suggest you to watch this video before you purchase Website from Flippa.

How To Sell Websites On Flippa?

  • Sign Up to Flippa & Confirm your email
  • Fill the genuine credentials & Activate
  • To start selling you must know the pricing > Get Started
  • Select the service that you want to sell
  • Enter the Tagline & Short description along with the amount and other details > Continue
  • Choose a package suitable for you > Make Payment
  • Choose the payment method using which you want to accept payment
  • Verify ownership & Launch Listing
  • The next moment it will be live and visible to users on Flippa
  • But if you want to get it sold soon try the premium packages.

When your service is Live interested buyers will start bidding on it. Reply to private messages and interact with every buyers as it will increase the chance of selling.

Before initiating the transfer make sure to check the transaction history of buyer. If it looks genuine finish the transfer.

Sold 😉

Flippa Review & My Opinion

Flippa Review

As per my experiences I have Flippa a genuine platform to buy and sell online stuffs with less effort.

Not only I there are many like me who is making thousands of dollars from every product they sell.

So if you can create your own products I suggest you to list them on Flippa to get sold at best prices.

To protect frauds Flippa charges some money in dollar you can check it at

It is not same for every services it varies depending upon the product you are buying and selling. But it can be reduced if you use the Flippa Escrow feature for payments.

People Also Ask

Flippa Is A Scam or Trusted Platform?

Flippa is one of the most popular and trusted platform to buy and sell websites, domain, apps at best prices.

Can I Make Money On Flippa?

Yes, if your product is genuine and value for money you can make good amount of money online.

Is Buying A Website A Good Investment?

Yes, buying up and running website is always a good investment. As you don’t have to put much effort if you have a ranked website.

Wrap Up

I’m assuming that this Flippa Review article helped you to buy and sell websites online easily and effortlessly. If this article helped you then don’t forget to share it on social media.

Happy Blogging!

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