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  1. Hi Vikas,

    Every newbie bloggers need a business email to grow and build trust on their readers. So, they want to create a business email. But At first try, most of the people fail in creating it. I was also failed at the first time to create a business email.

    Every newbie blogger, who is reading this article can easily create a business email in their Cpanel by reading your this awesome article.

    Just one word “Awesome”.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pravakar Singh

    1. I faced the same issues in the initial days that’s why I published this article.

      It is good to know that you liked it

  2. Super tutorial Vikas. All things cPanel scare me, LOL. I need good screen shots to baby step through the process because cPanel tutorials generally confuse me; not ample images. You did a fine job laying out this biz email tutorial in easy to follow fashion.


  3. Great post