What Is Blogging: Basics Concepts Of Blogging Beginner Must Know In-2020

Do you want to know what is Blogging?

Who Is a Blogger?

And what is the difference between a Blog and a Website?

If you are also a struggling new blogger and want the correct answer to all these questions, then stick to this article and I will be sharing the complete detail that I have gathered from multiple sources.

I’m 100% sure that after reading this article all your queries will be solved.

When I started Blogging In 2019, It was very tough for me to get the answers to all these questions. But as time passed I learned about many things such as blogging, website, blogger, etc.

As I have faced the same problem and I guarantee you that you will not face these problems anymore. Read it completely then reply I was right or wrong.

What Is Blogging?

The answer is quite simple but if I ask you to answer I know everyone will have different answers. What do you think about blogging you can share your viewpoints in the comment section.

According to my point of view, blogging is the thing which makes you your own boss. Blogging provides you a boss free job, no time limit work when you want to. There is no limit to money in blogging.

Nowadays blogging is a respectful job because you’re the one who shares his knowledge with millions of people on the internet by writing a blog post.

Beginners think that blogging is a thing that gives a lot of money to every pro blogger just by writing silly articles but they don’t know the real effort of that a blogger does in writing that powerful content. When I started Blogging I was also thinking the same thing and this is completely wrong.

Blogging is not only to earn money many people share their knowledge on the internet without earning because it is their passion.

Let me tell you the example of a very famous person who writes blog posts just for sharing whatever he has and that person is none other than our favorite Amitabh Bachchan sir who daily writes a blog post on https://srbachchan.tumblr.com/. As per my knowledge, he may not be earning anything from this blog.

Who Is a Blogger?

Those people are considered as a blogger who shares their valuable content on the internet. It may be a funny video, blog post, broadcast, etc. and there are many things which can make you a blogger.

It doesn’t mean that a person who runs a Blog/Website is only a blogger, they are, but the people who provide their valuable content on the internet through any sources is a Blogger.

That person can be a YouTuber, TikToker, Affiliate Marketer, or anyone who creates their own unique content.

Blog vs Website?

What Is a Blog?

The blog consists of a domain, hosting or you can also use a free platform like Blogger (which is a free platform offered by Google). The blog is a thing where people publish different kinds of content.

Its home page gets changed regularly with time as the blog owner publishes new content. It can also be called a website.

What Is a Website?

A website also consists of a domain & hosting but it is created on a particular topic with dynamic contents. For example the websites of shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

You might have noticed their homepage changes very rarely or after a very long time. It doesn’t mean that articles don’t get published on these websites articles also get updated on websites but those are not displayed on the home page.

A blog can be managed by a single person but a website needs teamwork to handle it. The website is used as a brand in the future but it is not similar in a blog.

What do People Think About Blogger?

Many people like daily workers if we tell them about our work and profession they will make a joke about us. They will say they work a full day with a lot of effort and earn a very little amount and you people just press buttons on Laptops and earning a lot of money. This can’t be possible.

But reality not so, only those people can understand this who is in already in this business.

Should We Blog Only On Topic In Which We Are Passionate?

If you are just a beginner then I will suggest you follow your passion in which you have great knowledge. But in the future, if you learned all the tricks and techniques then you must go with the topic in which you can generate maximum revenue.

People says, Follow your passion, but deep inside we all know that money is also important.

For Whom We Should Make A Website For Earning/Our Visitors?

Yes, absolutely for our visitors.

Whenever we create our website after completing it ask yourself a question am I satisfied with this. Will it fulfill all my requirements, will I need some more details about it. If it requires then do so, but if everything looks fine then leave it.

My dear reader always remember it.

Never make a website just for earning make it for visitors if they are satisfied your blog will definitely generate massive traffic that you never thought of.

Wrap Up

Guys, I hope this article would be helpful for you and if you have any queries please let me know. It would be a lovely opportunity for me to solve your queries.

As I tried to share everything about the Blogging and Basic concept of blogging that a beginner must know.

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