What is Niche & Micro Niche Meaning in Blogging Field?

What Is a Niche/Micro Niche/Multi Niche?

If you are a beginner and have just entered the blogging field, I know these questions may be rising in your mind.

When I started Blogging In 2019, I was so confused in these two terms.

That time I watched so many videos and read articles but I was not satisfied with their answers. Then I found a video of RipoN Sahaji, in which he clearly explained everything about Niche and Micro Niche.

If you also want to know about Niche and Micro Niche in-depth then stick to this article and we will be sharing the complete details about it with a full explanation and I will be also sharing my experience in understanding these two terms.

What Is a Niche?

Niche Means A Website/Blog On a Particular Topic/Subject (Like a Website on Technology, Health, Blogging, etc.). Niches are created to target a specific Category / Topic.

A lot of niches are still available on which can help you to create a successful blog/website. You just need to put your efforts in the right direction.

What Is a Micro Niche?

Micro Niche means a simple website created on a particular Keyword/Product (Like a Website on a Specific Phone {iPhone, Redmi}, Weight Loss, Link Building, etc.).

Bloggers are creating Micro Niche to target a specific Product/Keyword whose domain name itself contains the keyword.

In 2020 people are focusing on creating micro niches than creating multi niche. The reason is that it gives the result in a very less time with less efforts.

Niche Micro Niche
 Website On a Specific Category  Website On a Particular Keyword/Product
 It contains a homepage with many articles, a menu, footer, a search box, and many other widgets It contains a simple home page with only a few articles (2-5)
 Earning From Affiliate and Advertising  Earning From Affiliate and Advertising
 Ex: Health, Technology, Furniture, Blogging, etc.  Ex: Weight Loss, Artificial Intelligence, Sofa, Link Building, etc. 
Difference Between Niche & Micro Niche

Infographic By [Hotmart/Blog]

What Is Niche Meaning in Blogging?

In blogging, niche means a particular topic that new bloggers don’t understand what actually the Niche means. Some blogs are based on multiple niches, on which all the different categories of articles get published

Such as the websites of News, Health, Technology, Gadgets, etc. A combination of multiple niches on one single website is called a multi-niche blog.

But as time passed competition increased too much and bloggers thought of creating a single website for a single keyword/product.

Suppose I created a website on a technology niche then that website will have only technology-related articles. No article related to any other categories will be published such as health, education, or other.

In a simple word, if I have to say about Niche, I will say Niche is a specific topic about which we are going to write.

What Is Micro Niche Meaning in Blogging?

It is a small part of a niche. Micro Niche is a type of website that is not created on a topic but it is created on a single product/keyword.

Suppose you are working on the Health website then you can start Micro Niche on Weight Loss, Hair Growth, Skin Care, Body Building, etc. And that Micro Niche will contain articles of only Weight Loss or Hair Growth or on whatever your website is.

Create a Website For Which People Looking For

Before creating a website properly research your keyword and find out the potential of that keyword.

But before selecting a keyword remember some of the below tips.

  • Search Volume 
  • Clicks & Non-Clicks 
  • Keyword Difficulty 
  • CPC 
  • Analyze top ranking sites on that Keyword and try to provide better quality content than already ranked sites. 

Tips For New Bloggers

If you have just started blogging or thinking of starting always keep these points in your mind. Otherwise, you will not be having anything except regretting.
Here I want to share a quote that you might have read,

Precautions are Better Than Cure

  • Try to find low competition & high search volume niche
  • Try to choose a niche in which you know very well
  • If it is a high CPC, it’s awesome but try to work on low CPC also
  • Don’t create a website on Status, Shayari, Lyrics, Image, etc.

Existence Of Niche and Micro Niche

When I was a beginner I also faced a lot of difficulties in understanding many terms related to blogging. So, I understand your problems very well that’s why here I am to explain these terms in a better way.

In the past few years, people don’t know much about these terms mainly they know about the website or blogging.

But in recent years the concept of Niche & Micro Niche came into existence in the field of blogging. These types of websites provide valuable content on a particular topic.

How Blogger Earn From Niche & Micro Niche? 

Most of the blogs contain affiliate links or advertisements or maybe both. The interface of these websites is very simple mainly they contain a simple homepage and a few articles, it depends on which topic it is created. 

Some websites contain a little bit more articles, a menu, and a search box whereas some websites are designed like that everyone can’t access every article of that website just after visiting the homepage. 

In a niche, bloggers have to rank their website for a targeted audience. Their audience may not be at largescale, but they generate a lot of revenue from a simple website just by investing some money on domain and hosting.

What Is Best CMS Platform Blogger/WordPress? 

Many online CMS platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. are available where you can host (create) your website for free or by purchasing a hosting.

As pro bloggers say that, In 2020 website speed also plays a major role in ranking so always go for a better hosting provider.

Niche and Micro-Niche FAQ

Is micro-niche profitable in 2020?

Yes, it is the most profitable thing in 2020, as it gives instant results in a very short period of time.

Is it though to rank Micro Niche?

Absolutely Not, but if your keyword is more competitive then it may be sometimes difficult. But normally it ranks just by giving 1 or 2 backlinks from an authority website.

Which Type of Website is Hex ToiD?

Hex ToiD is a multi-niche website. Here all types of content get published.

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be helpful for you and all your queries regarding Niche & Micro Niche might have solved.

🤔 If still you are facing any queries about any other blogging terms let me know.

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