Make Money in 2020:By Amazon Influencer Program-Instant Approval Trick

Before moving forward have a look at my Amazon Influencer Storefront

I have noticed many popular YouTube creator has their own Storefront on amazon. Using which they earn a lot of money sharing just a link where all their products that they want to sell are listed.

It looks cool when you share just one link from where people can purchase your favorite stuff and you earn a commission.

In this article I will be sharing my personal method how I got instant approval for Amazon Influencer Program. And how you can get it just after the Sign Up.

Note: For doing this procedure be make sure you have a computer or you have to browse it in the desktop view.

How To Create Product List Store On Amazon?

  • Search for Amazon Influencer Program in Google or Click Here in Desktop Mode
search for amazon influencer program
  • Select any of the profile to continue
  • But For Instant Approval Select YouTube or Twitter that’s why here I’m selecting YouTube
select profile for signup
  • If your amazon affiliate account is already created then click sign in otherwise create a new account.
  • I’m signing in here
sigin or create new account
  • Sign in with Amazon
signin with your amazon affiliate account
  • Select your YouTube Profile
  • Allow Permission
  • Fill all the details and continue
fill all the correct details asked
  • Upload photos > Fill Details > Continue
fill all the details
  • If you are not an Amazon Affiliate user then create a new store id by filling all these below details > Save and Finish
  • If you are an Amazon Affiliate user then select your old store id
select amazon store id
  • Here I selected my old store id
  • Or you may create a new
  • Choose options according to the products you are going to sell
  • Save and Finish.
select your amazon store id
  • Here we got a new tab in our Amazon affiliate page, Influencers (To access your store)
  • Here is your link (This can also be used to access your store).
  • Check The below details and save.
here is the complete detail about amazon storefront
  • This Is how your profile is going to look in mobile
  • Click on Add To Your Storefront
  • Click on Idea List
create idea list
  • Name the list > If possible write a short description > Create
fill the name and description of the idea list
  • Our list is created, click on Pencil to edit
  • Click New Idea List To create more lists by following the above process.
edit idea lists
  • I created few lists to by following above process
idea lists
  • Go to Amazon (Desktop View) > Search For products > Select it > In the right side near Add to Wishlist Click on the arrow and select the list in which you want to add the product.
adding iphone 8 plus in idea list
  • By following above procedure add all the items in your list
  • This Is how your profile will look like after adding all the products.
products added in idea list
Idea list overview

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be helpful for you, If still you have any queries please let us know.

If you need any kind of help related to amazon store front feel free to contact.

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