How To Setup Google Custom Search & Earn Money Online For Searches


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Do you know about one of the fantastic tools by Google “Google Custom Search” to make money online through the website? If you are using Google AdSense for earning, then you can use this technique to multiply your earning?

In this article, we will learn how to Setup Google Custom Search step by step along with the useful screenshots.

Internet without searches can’t be imagined, and it’s completely true because whatever information we want on we can’t get without a search engine.

Just think how amazing it would be if your website/blog also has a Google Custom Search, and you make money from it for each search made on your website.

Most of the websites have a search box that searches for the articles available on that website. But you don’t get paid for it if somebody is searching. But by using Google Custom Search, you have the option to generate extra revenue.

So, stick to this article, and I will be sharing the full tutorial to Setup Google Custom Search.

  • In Google Search For “Custom Search Engine” Or Click Here 
  • And click on the 1st query
Custom Search Engine
  • Click On Create a Custom Search Engine 
  • A video tutorial is available there that you can watch for a better understanding. 
Click on create a custom search engine
  • Fill all the information without making any mistakes and click Create
Fill website credentials
  • Our Google Custom Search Engine is ready.
  • But we have to make some changes so Click Control Panel
custom search engine is ready
  • Setup > Basics > Add a Short Description & Keywords as shown in the below screenshot 
  • Turn on Image Search and Safe Search 
  • A preview of the Custom Search Engine will appear on the right side
setup settings for search engine to look better
  • In Setup > Ads > Turn On Search Engine Monetization 
turn on monetization to generate revenue
  • You must be signed in with the same AdSense account in which your website is approved to show ads
checking adsense account
  • In Look and feel > Layout (Select According To Your Wish) > Themes (Select According To Your Wish) > Customise (Customise According To Your Wish) 
  • When you are done click save
layout selection of seach engine
select the best theme
customizing the color and appearance
  • In Setup > Basics > Click Recieve Code
Recieve the code
  • Select all the code and copy it 
copy the code for placement
  • Go to Blogspot > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript 
Placing the code in blogger to setup google custom search
  • Paste the code you copied > Save
paste the code that you copied to Setup Google Custom Search
  • This is how it appears on the website it will more attractive if you choose a better theme and customize it in a better way
Google Custom Search UI
  • This is the output of the Google Custom Search after searching 
Google custom search output
  • Here ads are not displaying because till now, and I have not verified my identity and address in my AdSense account.
  • But if your website is ready to show ads, Advertisement will be displayed in searches, and you will be paid for it in Google AdSense. 

People Also Ask

  1. What Things One Should Keep In Mind?

    You must be logged in with the same AdSense account in which your website is approved to display advertisements.

  2. What are The Advantage Of Google Custom Search?

    The only benefit is that you will get paid for searches.

  3. What are The Disadvantage Of Google Custom Search?

    There are several demerits, after knowing that I’m sure you are not going to use it anymore.

    When a user does a search using the CSE, then results of high authorities websites and paid advertisement websites will appear in the first position. So there is a chance that users will leave your website as they click on those results.

    If your website is not very large, then there is only a little chance that the results of your website will appear in these results.

  4. One should Use it or Not?

    Don’t Use It If Your Website Is New and Have Less Authority.

  5. What Is Google Custom Search?

    It is a tool by Google that offers us to make extra money online for searches on our websites directly in our AdSense account.

  6. How Google Custom Search Works?

    You must be willing to ask a question, why we get paid for searches? The answer is that whenever somebody visits our website and making a search using Google Custom Search available on the website.

    Advertisements appear in that search results and if the user clicks those ads you get paid for it. This also has some disadvantages that I will talk about later.

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be helpful for you and now you have the extra option to generate the online income without working, but before using it think twice.

Peace Out!

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