Domain Forwarding: How To Set up Domain Forwarding On GoDaddy

Is your website on Blogger and showing an error while visiting?

If it is Yes then this article is for you, here I will share the methods to fix it why the website hosted with Blogger shows an error on visiting.

It happens when you have made any mistake while connecting the domain name or you have not pointed the domain name at the right IP address there may be some other problem also. The solution to all this problem is 301 redirection (permanent redirection).

We can fix by domain forwarding in GoDaddy on Blogger.

How To Set Up Domain Forwarding On GoDaddy

  •  Before moving forward, first of all, go to the Blogger settings and check the Redirect box is ticked or not
  • If it does not then tick it and save the setting
  • And if it is already done Ignore
Domain-Forwarding Blogger > Settings > Basic > Redirect > Save
  • Login in to your domain registrar website
  • Go to the DNS of the domain which you want to set domain Forwarding. 
  • Here I will be using the GoDaddy
GoDaddy > DNS
  • Please check the A Record is it added or not
  • If not then add as described in the below image
Enter the A type record as shown below
  • Scroll down and go to Domain Forwarding Area
  • Click on Add and follow the below screenshot & setup as it is. 
Domain-Forwarding GoDaddy > Forwarding > Domain > Add
  • Forward To select https://
  • In the next box enter your full site as shown
  • Forward Type choose Permanent (301)
Domain-Forwarding Tick 301 and save
  • After setting up this a confirmation message will appear
  • Usually, it takes 10-15 minutes to complete the setup. But sometimes it may take 24hr to 72hr
Domain-Forwarding 301 redirection confirmation

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be helpful for you. If you have any queries related to Domain Forwarding in GoDaddy or about anything please let me know.

It would be lovely opportunity to solve those problems.

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