Do you want a FREE certificate of HTML & CSS online in 1 week?

Do you want to learn HTML & CSS?

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If you are the one who is searching for a platform that provide a FREE Certificate of HTML & CSS.

Then I must say this article is for you and you should read this complete article to know each and everything about it and along with this.

Pirple HTML and CSS certificate
FREE HTML & CSS Certificate

As you can see here I have shared my certificate.

Along with HTML & CSS, this website also provide other courses like Python, JavaScript, Node.js, C++, Kotlin, Swift, and more but these courses are not available for free.

How To Get HTML & CSS free online certificate?

Many of you may be want to know which is that platform and how I can get this certificate. So the wait is over and here is the complete procedure to enroll.

  1. Go to

    This is the official website of the platform called “Pirple”. So click on the above link.

  2. Click on Browse Our Courses and select Frontend Fundamentals

    Here you will see different types of courses but you have to go with Frontend Fundamentals.

  3. Click Join This Class

  4. Click Enroll For Free in Free Sample Course

  5. Create a free account by filling correct information and start learning.

  6. Get Certificate

    As you have completed the full course now you can Download your Certificate.

Download Homework & Project Of Pirple – Frontend Fundamentals

If you are not able to complete the project and homework you can download those Projects which I used to get my homework approved from the below download button.

I you are submitting those homework I’m 100% sure that all your homework and project will get approved without any problem.

Don’t forget to change the Data from the Homework, if you are downloading from here.
But don’t change the coding change only data.

Homeworks & Projects You Have To Do

Homework #1: Lists

Homework-1: Lists

Homework #2: Images

Homework #2: Images

Homework #3 Links

Homework #3 Links

Homework #4: Basic Styling

Homework #4: Basic Styling

Homework #5: Classes and IDs

Homework #5: Classes and IDs

Project #1

Project #1

Project #2 (Final Exam)

Project #2 (Final Exam)

Download Pirple HTML & CSS Certificate

Download Pirple HTML & CSS Certificate

Website Data

According to the present data of the Pirple, this website has more than 10,000+ online students around all over the world and students of Pirple are engineers at Google, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon.

Features Of Pirple

 Certification Yes At The End Of The Course
 24/7 Student Forum Yes Ask About Any Topic Any Time
 Graded Quizzes Yes  It Helps in Learning
 Graded Homework Yes  Every Class Includes Homework
 Graded Projects Yes  Every Topic Includes Projects
 Graded Final Exams Yes  Final Exam Requires Homework Like Real World
 Fee Required No  Not Free For Other Courses
 Live Chat Yes  Using Facebook Messenger Anytime 

What Makes Pirple The Best?

  • A beginner can also learn to code.
  • Homework after each topic.
  • Short videos with a better explanation of each topic.
  • Get a certificate just after the approval of the last project.

Wrap Up

I hope this article is helpful for your If still you have any query please let us know in the comment section and we will try to resolve it.

Each share is very precious for us. So don’t forget to share it on social media.

Peace Out!

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