11 Free Online Courses With Google Certificate

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Are you searching for Free courses by Google with certificate?

Do you want to learn about Google products and achieve a certificate for FREE?

If any of the above answers are Yes, then this article is for you. Here I will be sharing 11+ FREE courses by Google with a Free certificate that can help you in the future.

This is not any paid promotion article I’m just sharing it to provide you genuine information. All these courses given here can be accessed from your local computer or your smartphone.

At present Students & Teachers around the world love to study online. There are many platforms that provide the online courses some are Paid but some are Free. But one of the main problems is that every platform doesn’t provide Free Certificates. But the courses shared here will help you to get a free certificate after the completion of the course.

All these courses are easy to learn and I am learning too.
So without wasting your time let’s just jump into the details of the courses.

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To get the certificate you must have to score minimum 80% marks in the given interval of time. If you passed or failed in the exam you will be having another chance the next day to reappear.

List Of Free Courses Available

In this article, you are going to get 11 awesome courses of Google Products by Google with a Free Certificat. All the courses are listed below.

  1. Google Ads
  2. Google Marketing Platform
  3. Analytics Academy
  4. YouTube
  5. Google My Business
  6. Google Ad Manager
  7. Android Enterprise Academy
  8. Google AdMob
  9. Google For Education
  10. Waze Academy
  11. Authorized Buyers

1. Google Ads

  1. Google Ads Certifications
    • Google Ads Display Certification
    • Google Ads Search Certification
    • Google Ads – Measurement Certification
    • Google Ads Video Certification
    • Shopping ads Certification
  2. Google Ads Search
    • Google Ads Search Certification 
    • Learn the fundamentals of Google Ads Search
  3. Google Ads Display
    • Learn how to create, manage and optimize Google Ads Display campaigns
    • Google Ads Display Certification
  4. Google Ads Video
    • Google Ads Video Certification
    • Learn the basics of Google Ads Video audiences, formats and creative
  5. Shopping ads
    • Shopping ads Certification
    • Learn the basics of Shopping ads
  6. Google Ads – Measurement
    • Learn to measure your Google Ads campaign performance
    • Google Ads – Measurement Certification

2. Google Marketing Platform

  1. Google Marketing Platform Certification Exam
    • Search Ads 360 Certification Exam
    • Campaign Manager Certification Exam
    • Creative Certification Exam
    • Display & Video 360 Certification Exam
    • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  2. Display & Video 360
    • Power Your Media Plan with Display & Video 360
    • Design compelling creatives
    • Display & Video 360 Brand Controls Basics
    • Optimize your Display & Video 360 campaign
  3. Search Ads 360
    • Learn the Value of Search Ads 360
    • Manage campaigns in Search Ads 360
    • Optimize performance in Search Ads 360
    • Search Ads 360 Basics
    • Search Ads 360 Mobile Basics
  4. Campaign Manager
    • Get Started With Campaign Manager
    • Brand controls for Campaign Manager
    • Campaign Manager Brand Controls Basics
  5. Creatives
    • Explore the Power of Creatives With Google Marketing Platform
    • Studio Basics
  6. Google Web Designer
    • Make Impactful Creatives with Google Web Designer
    • Google Web Designer Basics
    • Recording- What’s new with Google Web Designer?
  7. Programmatic concepts
    • Buy ad space in real time
    • Get your ad where it gets results
    • Keep them coming back with remarketing
    • Track conversions to improve performance
  8. Certified Google Marketing Platform Partners Education
    • Design Successful Cross-Stack Architecture

3. Analytics Academy

  1. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

4. YouTube

  1. YouTube Music Certification
  2. YouTube Asset Monetization
  3. YouTube Content Ownership
  4. YouTube Creative essentials

5. Google My Business

  1. Google My Business Basics

6. Google Ad Manager

  1. Drive Advertising Revenue with Google Ad Manager

7. Android Enterprise Aademy

  1. New Android Enterprise Training Home (link)

8. Google AdMob

  1. Get Started with Google AdMob

9. Google For Education

  1. Higher Education
    • Become a More Resourceful Student
    • Effective Engagement With Your Students
    • Explore Cloud Computing
  2. The Dynamic Learning Project
    • Explore the Dynamic Learning Project
    • Resources for Administrators
    • Resources for Coaches
    • Learn about the Dynamic Learning Project
    • Dynamic Learning Project for Coaches
    • Curriculum for Coaches
    • Dynamic Learning Project for Administrators
  3. Enabling Distance Learning
    • Distance Learning For Educators

10. Waze Academy

  1. Waze Ads Fundamentals

11. Authorized Buyers

  1. Get Started as an Authorized Buyer
  2. Authorized Buyers API Basics
  3. Authorized Buyers Basics
  4. Authorized Buyers Brand Controls Basics
  5. Choose the right supply-side platform
  6. Dig into programmatic
  7. Get Preferred Deals right
  8. Get Programmatic Guaranteed deals right
  9. Optimize bids and creatives
  10. Reduce bid response filtering
  11. Understand and avoid bid filtering

How To Enroll In The Course?

  • Click Here to Visit the landing page to access all the courses and click on login. 11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020
  • Click Sign In With Google
  • Select Your Google Account
  • Accept Terms of Service and Submit
  • On the Welcome screen choose according to your wish > Save and Continue

11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020

  • A few pieces of information will be displayed on the next page. Read it or ignore it.
  • Click on Explore Courses To Get Started

11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020

  • All your courses will be displayed here

11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020

  • You can also access these courses by clicking on the 3 lines and then Browse

11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020

  • Click on any of the courses you want to Enroll. Here I’m selecting Google AdsSection of Google Ads is displayed here choose anyone, I’m selecting the 1st one Google Ads Certifications. 

11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020

  • Here Google Ads Certifications is again divided into few sections. Choose the module which you want to access. It is not in all these courses, only some of these are divided into these many sections. Choose anyone. 

11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020

  • Information about it will be displayed on the next page

11 Best Free Online Courses By Google With Certificates In 2020

  • Here you can watch the videos before appearing in the exam or you can directly jump into the examination.  80% is the minimum marks required to get certified. Once you passed the examination you will be able to access your certificate. By chance, if you are not able to pass the examination you can reappear the next day.

  • To access your certificate click on the bell icon.Your name will be the same on the certificate as it is in your Google account. To change your name on the certificate you will need to change your name in the Google account also.

Free courses by google

People Also Ask

  1. Is This Beneficial?

    Yes my friend this course is beneficial for you. You will get something new to learn, and a certificate from a well-known company.

  2. Are All These Courses Are For Free Or Paid?

    At present time all the above courses are 100% free. You don’t have to pay even a single rupee.

  3. Will You Receive Certificate?

    Yes, sure you will receive a certificate.

  4. Should I Have To Pay For Certificates?

    No, you don’t have to pay any money for the certificate.

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be helpful for you. If you have any queries please let us know in the comment section.

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