Best Technique To Research Keyword Using 30+ Premium SEO Tool – FREE

People ask me Vikas I don’t have much investment and I want to do Keyword Research, Can you please suggest me some Premium SEO tool that I can buy at cheap prices.

I reply them sweetly why at cheap price? Why not for FREE?

Yes, you read it right. Here in this article I’m going to share 30+ premium SEO tool that you can use the premium SEO tool like Ahrefs for FREE.

I’m not just saying my dear friend, I myself using the official Ahrefs for FREE without any cookies or using any type of wrong methods.

And in this article I have shared 30+ tools like Ahrefs that you can use for FREE.

I’m using this technique to research content, articles, and keywords using the 30+ FREE Advanced Keyword Research tool. I will also let you know how I write SEO friendly articles and gains lakhs of visitors every month.

So stick to this article, and I will let you know each and everything.

Generally, when we start blogging, only a few topics come into our mind, such as Quotes, Lyrics, Status, Technology, etc. Sometimes we find a better Niche but don’t know what & how to write articles on that.

It happens with every newbie blogger who writes blog articles, creates YouTube videos, or maybe anything. They don’t get enough topics to develop rich content. But my friend in this article will be sharing some of the ideas that will help you generate excellent unlimited content ideas.

Is Advanced Content Research Really Important? In (2020) 

Yes, it must be our first priority before starting any blog/website. Sometimes content researching takes hours but we don’t find the content of our choice or if we can find it, it is very competitive.

Or by the way, if we find any Niche in which we are very confident that we will be able to write very beautiful content. But the problem comes that we would not get enough topics to write on that Niche after sometimes.

So my suggestion would be if you are going to write a blog article first of all research about it. Create a list of the number of articles on which you are going to write content. So that you do not have a lack of articles after a few days.

30+ Premium SEO Tool To Find The Right Keyword

You will find variety of SEO tools on the internet that is helpful to do free keyword research.

Here are some of the free Best tools to do Advanced Keyword Research for free.

  1. Ahref 
  2. Answer The Public
  3. CanIRank
  4. CheckMyLinks
  5. Fastrank
  6. Find Broken Links
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Google Search 
  9. Google Search Console
  10. Google Tag Manager
  11. Google Trends
  12. Keyworddit
  13. Keywordkeg
  14. LSI keywords
  15. MozBar
  16. Quora
  17. Rank Math
  18. RedirectPath
  19. SEO Meta in 1 Click
  20. SEO Minion
  21. Seo Quake
  22. Shemrush
  23. Small SEO Tools
  24. Soovle
  25. Thehoath
  26. Top 10 Free Seo Tools
  27. Ubersuggest
  28. Website Of Our Competitors 
  29. Wikipedia 
  30. Woorank
  31. Yoast SEO
  32. YouTube

These are some of the best premium SEO tool to find the right keyword to launch a new blog.

Got a Keyword, What Next?

When you have successfully selected your niche it is time to create a beautiful blog.

Starting a blog is very very easy.

You just need a hosting, a domain name, and you are ready to make your blog live.

How To Write SEO Friendly  Article? 

Got a keyword, launched the website. But don’t know how to write SEO Friendly  Article? 

So don’t worry about that here In this article I will be guiding with the complete details to go through that.

For writing a proper SEO blog you just need to follow the below points.

Title SEO

  • Title In 60 – 70 characters
  • Use power words like Top, Best, Latest, Year
  • Use Numbers (1,2,3,4,5)

Article SEO

  • Write Articles of 1,0000 – 2000 words
  • Check Grammar & Spellings (Use Grammarly)
  • Content Should be engaging
  • Try to put targeted Keywords in H1 & H2 tags
  • Put the main keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Make permalink shorter by using keywords
  • Conclusion should contain the main keyword
  • Use Images

Image SEO

  • Use the main/related keywords in the alt text
  • Rename image with keywords
  • Compress Images
  • Link Building SEO
  • Internal linking with old contents
  • External link with High Authority websites

Increases Audience Retention

  • Embed GIF, Emoji, Audio, Video, etc.
  • Embed YouTube Videos is a better option


Use words Like Conclusion, Wrap Up, Last Word,

Use Seo Tools

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math

Wrap Up

So that’s all about Premium SEO Tool for free.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Can you please share your favorite tool from this website.

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