SEO or Search Engine Optimization is proving to be one of the most effective digital marketing methods today. Compared to paid advertising, SEO is undeniably more cost-efficient. And with the right strategies, SEO can be as robust as other paid advertising methods. 

The fitness business is a booming industry. Studies show that the number of gym members is expected to surge to $71.9 million by 2023. Also, the estimated sales in the fitness business market are expected to rise to $31.53 billion in 2021. That goes to show that establishing your fitness business can be an uphill battle. 

And luckily, SEO marketing can help catapult your business to success. Before you pay for other online advertising or outdoor advertising, try whipping up the best SEO strategy for your business first. Here are seven strategies that should get you ahead.

1. Extensive keyword research

SEO doesn’t work without using the right keywords. This is the reason why this method is also known as “organic” traffic. That’s because the keywords you integrate into your content will rank your website on search engines’ first pages.

Try to scour for keywords by stalking your competitors first. Check their website on UberSuggest to show the highest ranking keywords they have. Then choose which ones are the most relevant to your fitness business. 

If possible, try to use long-tail keywords more often. This type of keywords is more specific with the fewer competition. And this will enable your business to rank more.

2. Content writing

In the fitness world, every fitness junkie would rely on information from the internet or experts. And this is the perfect opportunity to give your audience the information that they need. Create content that is relevant and valuable. 

Search intent is extremely crucial in SEO. It pertains to why the users are searching those keywords in the first place. For instance, if they’re searching for “24-hour fitness,” then that probably means they have an erratic schedule, which might require a gym that caters to night gym goers. 

A pro tip when creating content is to always align it with search intent. In turn, this will make your content informative and will appeal to your target audience. 

3. Write compelling blog titles

If your audience is searching for “low carb diet tips” online, expect that they’re going to see a lot of articles about it on search engines. No matter how good your blog is, if no one clicks on it, your prospects will never get to read it. 

One way to lure your prospects is to create compelling titles and meta descriptions. Once they see that the title is what they’re looking for, they’re going to confirm and read the meta description under the title. So ensure that the meta description summarizes everything about the article. Keep it short and punchy. 

4. Optimize your website

A company website is a conduit between you and your audience. It is the channel that can answer your audience’s inquiries about your offers 24/7. However, user experience is on the line when they visit your website. 

Always ensure that your website delivers seamless user experience through a great user interface, graphics, and copy. Try to integrate web design concepts, principles, and strategies so every visitor will have hassle-free browsing. 

Last but not least is to make sure that your website’s page speed is topnotch. It must be optimized so every page loads quickly. Or else, your visitor could abandon your site or even their carts. 

5. Include keywords on your product description pages

If you’re a fitness business that sells apparel or fitness gear, prioritize product pages as these could rake in the sales. However, this will solely depend on how you craft your copy. While experts can achieve this for you, make sure you hire SEO copywriters who know how to naturally incorporate the keywords in the descriptions. 

6. Upload and optimize high-quality images

Whether you have a fitness gym or selling some health and fitness products, you need to entice your prospects with quality images. Upload high-quality images on your website and make sure you optimize the images so they load faster on mobile as well. 

As for social media, images are extremely important to make users stop dead on their tracks. It’s one of the ways that can make social media users notice your posts as well. 

7. Try to get authoritative backlinks

Backlinking is also another element of SEO that can make your site credible under the watch of Google’s algorithms. Try to tap into authoritative sites and try to get a backlink from them.

Wrap Up

SEO is undeniably one of the most affordable and efficient digital marketing strategies. And for new fitness business owners, this can be their leverage to level the playing field, especially when going neck and neck against the big industry players. If you need help with your SEO game plan, it’s recommended to leave this arcane task to the experts. Once you start applying these SEO strategies, you’ll see your fitness business soar to new heights.

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