My 2 Personal Methods To Find A Profitable Niche?

Are you struggling to find a niche of your choice?

Are you not getting any idea to find a niche?

If it is yes, then don’t worry, my friend, here in this article I will share my two personal methods using which I find a niche and select profitable niches?

I’m sure this article will guide you to find a niche on which you can work endlessly. I am not just saying you will also say after reading this article.

Why Do We Need a Niche?

Niche is an essential part of our blogging journey, and before doing anything, we have to find a dedicated niche on which we work without getting bored.

Suppose you are running a blog on which you have written a fascinating article about “Facebook Tricks.” Your reader loved that article and want to know more about Facebook Tricks. But your bad luck is that you haven’t published any other article on Facebook Tricks.

It will create a terrible impact on user interaction with your blog. So always go with a single niche website.

I hope you understood why do we need a niche?

You may be thinking then what I should do to find a profitable niche that I know and tell readers about it better than anyone.

How To Select a Profitable Niche?

A few days ago, I had a vast list of Niche Ideas in which almost all the niches are available on which you can work and generate income. Your mind will get something new to explore, so don’t forget to check them out.

Niche selection is not a tough task, but it is also not any easy work. So be careful about it.

Method 1
Method 2

This is the most simple and effective way of Niche Selection. Even I’m doing the same thing.

This idea is old but it work very fine

  • Open Notepad and write 50 topics in which you are interested in, and only you can explain it in a better way
  • From these 50 filters out ten items which you like the most.
  • Now from those filter out 2-3 niches

After finding your profitable niche ask these Questions to yourself

  • Can you publish at least 50 articles without being bored
  • Are people interested in knowing about those topics
  • Can you make money from that niche?
    Can I sell products or services?
    Can I do affiliate marketing in that niche?
    Do other blogs are making money in that niche?

If your answers are Yes, then you should wait for anything to start publishing articles before others start posting on the same topic.

I assume Method 1 would be very much helpful for you and you have found a niche of your choice. If you haven’t you may follow this method and if you combined both these ideas you will be having a mine of Niche ideas.

  • Quora 
  • Ideas from movies
  • Ideas from your own daily life
  • Get Ideas from YouTube Videos
  • Think Deeply about your interest
  • Look at the things around yourself
  • Take help from the google search result 
  • Ideas from children, friends, family members
  • Research about each keyword arises in your mind
  • Analyze popular websites (Flipkart, Amazon, etc..) or
  • Whatever websites you visit in your daily life. Because almost all the top-ranking articles websites generate revenue from those topics. So research about it properly

The last one idea is my favorite and it always help me to find a profitable niche very easily.

Will People Read Your Articles?

Assume you have selected a niche “Video Games,” but nobody is searching for that. Then there is no benefit of working on that niche.

Then how you can know that people are searching for that topic or not.

There are many “Free Keyword Research Tool” available on the Internet, and some are “Paid Keyword Research Tool.” Beginners can’t afford premium tools, so here we will be using a Free Keyword Research Tool Ubersuggest (This is the website of a very popular Blogger + Affiliate Marketer Neil Patel).

  • Go to Ubersuggest type your niche keyword, then select a country and hit Search.
Ubersuggest - Video Games

As you can see, Video Games have a search volume of 246,000 only in the United States.

If a keyword has a good amount of search volume means this the perfect keyword for you to work.

Can I Make Money From This Blog?

This is the most crucial and most important thing I can make money from this blog or not, so think again before starting the blog.

Why are you making this blog just to share your knowledge or to earn money?

If it is just to share your knowledge, then no problem; you can continue.

But if you are doing this to generate revenue, you must answer these simple questions to yourself.

  • Are other blogs in the same niche earning or not?
  • Can I do affiliate marketing?
  • Can I sell my own digital products like eBooks, Courses, etc.?
  • How other websites in the same niche are earning, by displaying advertisements or by affiliate marketing or by both.

If they are making money by using any of the above methods, then you can also work on that niche non-stop.

How To Find A Profitable Niche? Frequently Asked Questions

Is Niche Research Is a Very Tough Task?

It is tough only when you start thinking about it as a waste of time. Blogging wants your Time, Patience, and Money.

Why Should I Not Work On Multi-Niche Blog?

Because if a reader liked your article and want to learn more about that topic, but it is a multi-niche blog he will find different kinds of the article it will decrease the audience interaction and will increase your blog bounce rate.

Are These Ideas Still Work For Finding a Profitable Niche?

Yes, of course, it still works, but only if you are using your mind properly, and it is the best method to find profitable money-making niches for New Bloggers.

How Should a New Blogger Find a Money Making Niche?

New Bloggers should follow the methods mentioned above. These methods are very old and still work very well, so try once you get something that you can’t expect.

Your Task

Go and research your niche keyword and let me know.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed my personal method of finding a profitable niche.

Can you please let me know which method you like the most Method 1 or Method 2.

Each share is very precious for us. So don’t forget to share it on social media.

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