This is the step-by-step tutorial on How To Set Up GoDaddy Domain Forwarding by using the 301 redirection technique. There are many tasks for which 301 redirection is used, an error occurs on blogger (blogspot) websites on connecting custom domain, if you are also facing such error then in this article I will help you with that issue.

The error occurs on Blogger site if you have made any mistake while connecting the custom domain or if it is not pointing to the right IP. The solution to all this problem is 301 redirection (permanent redirection), and we can fix this by domain GoDaddy forwarding.

Before moving forward, first, go to the Blogger Settings and check the Redirect box is ticked or not, if it is already done skip this.

Domain-Forwarding Blogger > Settings > Basic > Redirect > Save

How To Set Up GoDaddy Domain Forwarding

Step 1: Login in to your domain registrar website
Step 2: Go to the DNS of the domain which you want to set domain forwarding. 
Step 3: Here I will be using the GoDaddy.

GoDaddy > DNS
  • Please check the A Record is it added or not
  • If not then add as described in the below image
set A type record

Step 4: Scroll down and navigate to Domain Forwarding Area
Step 5: Click on Add and follow the below screenshot & setup as it is. 

Domain-Forwarding GoDaddy > Forwarding > Domain > Add
  • In Forward To select https://
  • In the next box, enter a website (
  • Forward Type, choose Permanent (301)

Step 6: In settings, select Forward Only > Save

Note: In the website box, enter the website address to which you want to redirect the current domain. Here I’m are redirecting to the same site.

Domain-Forwarding 301 setup

After doing all these, a confirmation message will appear. Hardly it takes 10-15 minutes to complete the setup. But sometimes it may take 24hr to 72hr.

Domain-Forwarding Confirmation Message


What Does domain Forwarding Do?

Domain forwarding is a technique by which one can redirect a domain to a new web address. It can be done by visiting the domain registrar’s website without playing with any codes.

Is Domain Forwarding Free?

Yes, it is 100% free, and there are several ways of domain forwarding. First is by going to the registrar website, and the second by using the cPanel & third of by using Cloudflare.

Do I Need A Hosting To Forward/Redirect Domain?

It doesn’t need any hosting to forward/redirect domain. You can forward the domain name using the domain registrar/Cloudflare by following the above steps.

How Do I Know If My Domain Is Forwarded?

You can check this by entering the URL of the website you used for forwarding. If the forwarded domain is redirecting to the new domain means it is done.

Wrap Up

This is how you can set up domain forwarding in GoDaddy if you are facing any issue while domain forwarding in GoDaddy then have a look at the article published by GoDaddy

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