When we create a blog or website, we have a complete mindset about our writing?

What exactly is our blog regarding?

But it is not the same in the case of the newbie bloggers. They start without looking at their pros and cons.

But let me tell you if you are very serious about it, you must be having the idea of each and everything about what you are writing.

Suppose you have to explain the blog to some investors & you have only a few seconds to tell your ideas.

Just think what will happen if your blog has mixed up content?

At that time, you will be confused about what to tell the investors about the blog’s ideas.

I know this is very confusing & as a beginner, I understand your problem. I have also passed from those situations.

If you are fully confident about your blog/website and you have that capability to explain it totally in just a few minutes, then I must say you are going in the right direction.

But if you cannot explain, then, after reading this complete guide and applying these techniques, you will have a clear cut idea of your blog/website.

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What Your Blog Is All About?

When you need to explain your blog at that time, you must answer what your blog means?

  • Is it a poetry blog?
  • Is it a fashion blog?
  • Is it a tech blog?
  • Is it a gadget blog?
  • Is it a book review blog?

What your blog exactly mean you have a clean picture just now?

What Is Your Target Audience?

If you don’t know your actual reader and the actual buyer, you can’t become a blogger.

My dear reader, if you are talking to a child, you talk differently, and at that exact time, if you are talking to an older person, the tone you used is entirely different from each other.

That’s what also applies to the blog; here, one must know who is their potential reader and for whom you are lettering the articles?

If your audience is a teenager or older person, then the tone used to talk to them will be completely different from each other.

And that’s why you must have explicit knowledge of your potential readers.

  • Who are they?
  • What is their age?
  • Where they belong to?
  • They are Male, Female, Kid, Young, Old?

Each and everything matters behind the success of a blog? If you have this information, you will go in the right direction, but if you don’t have to try to collect them ASAP.

You can get these data from the Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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Why You Need To Collect These Data?

So that you may know for whom you are going to write the next article.

When you are writing an article for one person, it creates a different impact on the mind of the reader.
They feel like you are talking to them in reality. And you have to maintain it by engaging them with your superb articles.

Define Through “About Us” Page

Before publishing any article, you must know that you have the About Us page with correct and exact information.

You will be surprised to know that the About Us page is one of the most visited pages of any blog, making it more attractive with proper work and making sure it completely describes your blog.

You have to make a beautiful page using stories such as what your blog means, how you got the idea about it, the problems you faced, and how you took action to start it.

It must be apparent and to the point, whatever written.

Most Important Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Be Clear (Don’t write silly things out of the topic to engage. It will destroy the trust of the reader towards your blog and you)
  2. Be Short (Try to use short para; one para must not be more than 4 lines, but if possible, keep it between 2 to 3 lines & at the most use of 5 lines if you are exceeding reader will be bored while reading.)
  3. And Be Specific (Don’t talk about here and there things; write about only what the article is related to)

These three points are crucial for any blog article; let it be any blog.

Wrap Up

I hope this guide would be helpful to Define Your Blog In Seconds.

I have tried to mention all those necessary points, for one should know how to describe their blog.

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