How To Check Top Songs Ranking Globally – Live Data

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Do you want to Check Song Ranking Worlwide?


Then you have landed on the right page. Here I will let you know how you can Check Song Ranking Worlwide.

You might have seen some artist who shares screenshots who used to share their songs ranking on social profiles.

They show their song ranking in worldwide. And In this article, you will also know how they check songs rank worldwide.

After reading this complete article you can also check which song is trending now worldwide.

The tool here I’m using is very simple and using that you can check different platform songs ranking such as

Tools To Check Song Ranking Worlwide

How To Check Song Ranking Worlwide?

  • The website used to check worldwide songs ranking is

As we go here its homepage opens with all its features mentioned.

iTunes Top Songs List In Last 24 hour

The first tool of this website is to check iTunes Top Songs. By default, it is set to the US but it can be changed from Choose Country drop-down menu.

If you are clicking on any of the data in the marked inside red line their orders will change

iTunes Top Song List

iTunes WW Top Songs List In Last 24 hour

This is the 2nd tool of it has some more tools to check songs of iTunes and Apple Music. It is divided into different sections

iTunes and Apple Music is divided into 4 sections

  • Worldwide Songs
  • Worldwide Albums
  • European Songs
  • European Albums
iTunes Top Song Worlwide

After clicking on View full table a lot of data will be displayed in different countries.

After visiting the site you will be familiar with all the available tools.

So here we will be talking about some popular platforms only.

Spotify Top Songs List In Last 24 hour

Using this tool you can check the top-ranking songs on Spotify in the world in the last 24 hours. Spotify has 2 sections.

  • Charts Per Country
  • Today’s Top Artists

Click on any country or artist to check songs ranking.

All these data shown here are provided by Spotify.

Check Spotify Song Ranking Worlwide

YouTube Top Songs List In Last 24 hours

This is the most popular and demanding tool. This tool has more sections according to demand and use.

YouTube Song Ranking

By default, it is set to the latest. YouTube section is divided into multiple sections.

Each tool has its own unique feature along with its use.

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Wrap Up

So guys here we are wrapping up the article, I hope this article would be helpful for you.

If you are going to use this tool then please let us know which tool you are going to use the most.

Every single share count for us! I appreciate your effort.

Peace Out!

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