Do you want to Chat On Facebook Without Messenger?

Do you want to use Facebook like computer on mobile phone? And want to use and chat on Facebook in Basic Mode?

If any of your answer is Yes then this article is for you.

So in today’s article, we will be talking about 4 simple Facebook trick and I think everyone should know about it. Personally, I am using it a lot in my daily life. It has a lot of benefits and everything will be explained here.

Here in this, I will be sharing my 4 personal methods to Chat on Facebook on the mobile phone without installing the Messenger App.

So stick to the article until the end.

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When the Facebook application was launched for the first it was having an inbuilt feature of messaging. But as time passes Facebook brought so many changes in their application and later they thought of splitting messaging feature into a new application called Facebook Messanger. Which was really not good news for the users.

People started spreading fake rumors about the Facebook Messenger app that they want to keep an eye on the users using their microphone and camera, while Facebook cleared everything about this fake news and said it is completely safe and private.

But the reason is that people don’t want to use the Messenger app much. As it takes a lot of memory space just for chatting. Let me ask you, Do You Want Use Facebook Messenger App?

I Know absolutely not, you are not going to use Messenger App that’s why you have landed on this article. Here we have the solution to all your problems which you have or you may be going to face in the future.

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How to send messages in the Facebook app without using Messenger?

4 Tricks To Chat In The Main Facebook App Without Messenger
Chat Without Messenger

How To View Facebook Messages On Mobile Or Tablet Without Using The Facebook App?

How To View Facebook Messages On Mobile Or Tablet Without Using The Facebook App?

This is my favorite 😍 trick that I use most of the time and I will suggest you also use this trick. It works on almost all the platforms let it be Android Phone or Windows. Every web page will open in the basic mode which loads very faster and looks pretty clear.

An alternative of this is shared below which is the permanent solution of it. As to use this trick you need to do the same process again and again.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome app

Step 2: Visit

That’s all

How to send messages in the Facebook app without using Messenger?

This trick is for those who want to use the messenger in the Facebook Main app itself. If you don’t come in this category try the other tricks given below.

Facebook messages are a great way to keep connected with our loved ones. But a few years ago the message section from the Facebook app is transferred to another application Called Facebook Messenger. Normally people like me and you don’t like to use messenger just for Chatting.

So, here I have a technique to get rid out of this problem and chat on Facebook without using the Facebook Messenger App.

  • Open Facebook App
  • Go to the post section and make a post [Keep your post private]
  • In the post, you have to write
  • After that whenever you feel like chatting just click on this link and your messaging section will be enabled without installing the Facebook app

That’s all

How to Check Facebook Messages Without Messenger On The Phone? (Desktop)

Here I sharing my 2nd trick to chat without installing Facebook Messenger. Using this trick you can use Facebook like a computer browser. If your phone specs are not enough good then I would suggest you not try it.

  • Open Google Chrome on your phone
  • Visit [Before visiting here make sure you have been logged out of that browser]
  • Click the 3dot icon and select “Request Desktop Site”
  • Reload the page and you will be seeing the desktop view of Facebook on the mobile
  • Now,  Log in
  • Click on messages to respond

That’s all

Note: Make sure the URL is

If the URL is changed then repeat the same process of paste the URL in the search box.

Send Messages With The Main Facebook App, No Messenger Required (Permanent)

[Permanent Solution]

This is also my favorite but this is the lengthy process but you have to do it only once. The main reason for this trick is that the option shared below is not available for every user. If you don’t have the options then will you be able to use the trick.

But if these options are available in your account then this is the best trick for you.

  • Open Google Chrome app
  • Visit
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Personal Information”
  • Click “Default Mobile Site”
  • Change it from Regula to Basic and Save
  • Refresh the page, it is done

If you again want to go to view in the regular view then at the bottom of the page you will be having an option called “Switch Default Site” and select Regular and save.

From now onwards you whenever you are visiting Facebook on chrome if will open in a regular view.

You can change these settings anytime whenever you want to according to your convenience.

If still you have any confusion your doubts will be solved.

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Watch this YouTube video to use Facebook in Basic Mode

People Also Ask

  1. Should you avoid using Facebook Messenger App?

    I would say “Yes”
    Facebook is forcing the users to use the messenger app which is not enough good. You may use the alternatives of it like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lit or the best thing is that use in Browser and enable the notification.

  2. Storage problems on the phone due to Facebook Messenger

    This is the main reason I hate this app.
    The app takes a lot of space by filling unwanted, useless files. Which is none of your use and we never wanted to look at those items? The Version of Facebook Messenger takes around 500+ MB of phone storage.

  3. Battery consumption due to the Facebook Messenger app

    Again a valid reason not to use this useless application.
    This app consumes a lot of battery power to run in the background. It runs in the background until you force stop it. It will drain your battery.

  4. Data consumption in the background caused by Facebook Messenger

    Again a very valid reason not to use the application is that it will eat up all your Internet Data in the Background by simply downloading everyone’s stories and sometimes this is how it eats up all your data and nothing remains for you.

Wrap Up

I gave you so many strong points not to use the Facebook Messenger application. If still you want to use this you are most welcome my friend🤣😂😁.

I hope this article would be helpful for you if it helped you anyway please appreciate our work by sharing it with your friends and family

Peace Out!

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