Starting a blog and publishing awesome content in 2020 is not a big deal; the problem is we can’t take it to the level we expect before starting a blog.

It is natural; that’s why you must have a clear blogging mindset. Through this article, I will try to clear all your queries and some myths about blogging that one must need to know before starting a blog.

Well, guys, I have met many bloggers who begin their blogging journey, but they can’t sustain. They work for a few months & give up by declaring, “blogging is a waste of time, money, and efforts.”

In contrast to them, some bloggers work well, and in returns, they generate revenue with 6-7 figures every month only through blogging. You must have read this quote, “Hard Work Pays Off.”

This quote gets proved here. Hence, this type of blogging mindset you have to develop in yourself.

4 Blogging Mindset Tips To Start a Successful Blog

1. It Is Not Quick & Easy

To maintain your lifestyle and feed your family, you can either do a Job or Start your own business, and to sustain any business, it takes time and effort, and most importantly, to earn money, you have to go outside to work.

Like all other businesses, blogging is also a business that you can start at your home and earn more money than any business. But you have to understand that to establish and generate revenue from it, and you have to put your effort, time, money, and patience aside.

I have met some bloggers who start blogging only to earn the profit. If you also come into that category, then this is not for you.

In the current scenario, user satisfaction is most important, and in the end, all matter is your content and the effort you are applying to help your reader. 

So what we learned is, you have to focus on helping the reader, not on the revenue. If your readers are satisfied with your article automatically, they will provide you the sales.

Your Task:

You have to create a blog where you will provide only truthful information to all readers, and without thinking of money, keep publishing quality articles.

2. Don’t Underestimate Yourself

When I started blogging in 2019, I always compared myself with other bloggers who were doing very well.

I always used to ask myself before writing any article will I outrank them.

That time I was like how they are getting good results, but I don’t. It helped me in developing new ideas, whereas in contrast, I was also feeling demotivated.

From my side, I don’t allow you to do the same; you focus only on providing valuable content, don’t think of others who are doing great.

All you have to do is analyze what practices they are doing and how they are stealing the first SERP position.

Rather than comparing if you focus on your quality, it will give you more boost than comparing.

3. Investment

The second last thing is Investment. As I have said in the first point that Blogging is a business, you have to invest to earn a profit.

Like every newbie blogger, if you are also thinking that you can earn $1,000 by creating a free blog, you are wrong.

Many CMS platforms allow users to sign up and Create a Free WordPress Website, but those are not long-term. I will suggest you learn using those sites and don’t think of stay forever.

Please change your blogging mindset and start investing in purchasing a reliable hosting, choose a good domain name, a professional theme, and important plugins for WordPress websites.

4. Patience & Consistency

Here, we reached the last point, which is the most important for the entire blogging career: “Patience and Consistency.”

These two things are the only way to succeed in Blogging or any business. If you are the type of person who doesn’t have Patience, then there is no business in the world for you.

So my friend, Keep Patience, be consistent, and focus only on quality content, which is enough to satisfy user needs.

Most newbie lacks here because they want a quick result with fewer efforts.

Consistency doesn’t mean publishing daily one article; you have to decide a fixed time and day on which you will regularly make your article live. It can be weekly, biweekly, or maybe monthly.

If you are continuing with this blogging mindset, you will rock this industry as nobody did before.

People Also Ask

  1. Is it worth blogging in 2020?

    Why only 2020, Blogging is a thing that will never end. It has never been too late to start a blog on the topics you love to write.

    In many regions of the world, the Internet is very costly, and they prefer to read texts more than watching videos, and day by day, their prices are increasing like endless water falling from a waterfall.

  2. What is the concept of Blogging?

    The term “Blog” is the combination of two terms Web + Log = Blog. The log one publish on the web is called a blog, and this model is called blogging, and the person who writes these blogs are bloggers.

  3. Why do blogs fail?

    The most famous reason why behind the failure of any blog is low content quality. If your content is not engaging and providing less value to the reader, the Search Engine will not love your blog.

    Whereas in contrast, their competitors provide a well-mannered quality content that both the users and search engines love.

  4. Is blogging easy?

    Creating a blog is very easy, but taking it to the money-making blog level is the toughest stage. Most people even fail to choose a niche of choice they want you may also check Hand-Picked Niche Ideas To Start a Blog In Any Category

  5. Is it too late to start a blog in 2020?

    If people are looking for it, you can start a blog whenever you want. Whether you start today or after a year, It is never too late to start a blog.

    All you have to think is it possible that no blog is coming in the future on this niche if your answer is yes. Then what are you waiting for?

Wrap Up

So, guys, these are the four tips that you must keep in mind before starting any blog to become a successful blogger.

Still, if you have any queries, please let me know in the comment below, and I would love to answer all your questions. 😉

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