Beginner To Advanced SEO For Blogger In 2020 – (Blogspot SEO Settings)

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Do you want to apply Basic To Advanced SEO settings on Blogger?


Then you are at the right place, here I will be sharing the complete details about blogger (blogspot) SEO settings.

These settings are personally used by me, and it helped to achieve 100K+ monthly traffice and to rank my articles in higher position of SERP.

At this time almost everyone wants quick results, and most of the users even don’t scroll more than the first page result.

So you have to be smart and bring your article in the very first positions.

I you can afford a Web Hosting, then my suggestion is to go with the WordPress. Because there you will have a lot of tool which has the capability to bring your article in ranking.

SEO Tree

SEO Tree

Advance SEO for Blogger in 2020 is the most important thing. On the internet, thousands of websites get created and everyone wants to be on the 1st page of SERP.

Blogger is a free tool offered to us by Google where we can Create Free Websites.

But the main problem is that Blogger has limited options as compared to WordPress. In order to improve your blog ranking, you must follow our Advance SEO Settings For Blogger.

In 2020 SEO is the major ranking factor for every blog to achieve maximum visitors.

How To Do SEO Settings in Blogger (Blogspot)? 

So here we will go through the settings we need to apply on the blogger.

  • Navigate to Blogger > Settings > Basic

1. Basic

In this part, we have covered some basic settings of Blogspot. So make sure that you have done it properly.

  • In title enter Website / Niche Name { Give your website a brand new name. }
  • Website Description in 500 characters { It Does not get displayed in search results. }
  • In the privacy, section selects Yes { So that search engines may find your blog. }. If it is set to No search engine crawlers will not be able to crawl your website.
Blogger Basic Settings

2. Publishing

  • In the blog, address go with a custom domain name. { Don’t go with a free domain always use a TLD (Top Level Domain) for better ranking }
  • Check the redirect box and save { So that your blog open both with www and without www }
Blogger Publishing Settings


This is to ensure the security of a website. When we know to enter into WordPress it is known by SSL Certificate, which is mandatory in 2020. Blogger provides a free SSL Certificate for multiple websites created on Blogger.
For more information about HTTPS and SSL Certificate read the articles published by
Global Sign

  • HTTPS Availability – Yes
  • HTTPS Redirect – Yes
Blogger SSL Certificate enable

If it is HTTPS is off whenever your website will be visited it will show a site not secure warning which will drastically affect your user trust.

4. Permissions

By this setting, you give permission to users who can read the articles published on your Blogspot site. Keep it Public so that Internet users from all around the world can access your blog posts.

  • Blog Readers Public
Blogger permission Settings
  • Go Blogger > Settings > Posts, comments and sharing

5. Posts

  • Show at most – No Of post you want to show on homepage 

This section determines the availability of the number of articles displays on the homepage.

Blogger posts setting
  • Showcase images with Lightbox – Yes

This Section is very useful for those websites which are based on How-To tutorials and Image websites.


Comments are the best way to interact with our readers. This is the way by which our readers get a chance to interact with us which also shows a great impact on SEO.

Blogger comment setting
  • Comment Location – Embedded 
  • Who can comments? – User with Google Accounts { A person holding Gmail account can only comment, it will reduce spam comments }
  • Comment Moderation – Always { Comments will not be displayed, without your approval}
  • Comment form message – (Please do not enter any spam link in the comment box.) { These texts will be displayed in the comment section someone is going to make a comment. }


blogger comment output

Till now if you liked these settings then leave your unique and best comment. Or if you want to share your experience with SEO settings please share it with our audiences.

  • Blogger > Settings > Email

7. Email

  • Comment Notification Email – Enter your email address. ( You will receive emails whenever your readers comment on your articles. )
Blogger email setting
  • Blogger > Settings > Language and Formatting

8. Language

  • Select your language 
  • Enable translation

9. Formatting

  • Select Time zone and other details according to your region. 
Blogger formatting and language settings
  • Blogger > Settings > Search Preferences

This is the most important setting in the whole Blogspot. So do it carefully.

10. Meta Tags

This meta tag is very important in SEO, whenever a user searches about your website in search engine this meta description will be displayed there.

  • Description – A short description of your site in 150 characters. 
Blogger meta description settings

11. Errors and Redirections

This is a small part of SEO whenever a page got deleted or its permalink gets changed that links start showing an error called 404 Error. Which is not good from an SEO point of view. If the number of 404 increased more on a website.

  • Custom Page Not Found 
  • Custom Redirects

12. Crawlers and Indexing

  • Google Search Console – Add Your Site to Google Search Console so that your website gets indexed by google crawlers.
  • Custom robots.txt

Custom robots.txt advanced SEO setting for Blogger

User-agent: *
Disallow: /archives/
Disallow: /category/
Disallow: /tag/
Disallow: /label/
Disallow: /search
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
Allow: /
User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile
Allow: /
User-agent: *
Allow: /

Custom robots.txt advanced SEO setting for Blogger
  • Custom robots header tags
Custom robots header tags

13. Monetization

It is not a part of SEO settings in blogger. It belongs to Adsense. According to the new policy of Adsense ads.txt is mandatory on every website which wants to show Adsense ads on their website.
To know more about it read Ads.txt guide

  • Custom ads.txt

14. Theme

  • Use fast loading templates 
  • Mobile-friendly templates 
  • If it’s premium much better 

These are the complete SEO Settings for Blogger (Blogspot). The rest is not related to SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to get targeted traffic to your website. The SEO Settings for Blogspot is set By users manually.

Let me clear you all one thing – No Advance SEO Settings For Blogspot is sufficient to rank a Blogspot Website. Being free Blogspot has a lot of restrictions. But I think these settings will help you to gain initial traffic.

It doesn’t mean that a Blogspot website doesn’t rank. It also ranks at good positions in the search results. The Advanced SEO Settings in Blogger include Site Meta Description, Robots.txt, Sitemap, Search Console, and a few more SEO Settings.

In this article, we learned Advance SEO Settings For Blogger In 2020.

Types Of SEO

  There are 2 types of SEO known to us.   

  1. On-Page SEO 
  2. Off-Page SEO 

Here we will talk about On-Page SEO. It is the major factor of ranking in 2020. Your powerful content will decide your rankings.    In WordPress, there are a bunch of tools that help us to write powerful content. In Blogger we have limited resources so we have to go with those features only.    Here I’m sharing some of the tips which will help us to write SEO friendly articles.

On-Page SEO 

On-Page SEO
  • Login > Posts > New Post


The title should of length 50 to 65 characters. It must not be less than 30 characters and not more than 65 characters. If it is less search engine will have difficulty understanding the Content and if it exceeds your title text will not be displayed completely in the SERP.

You should follow some of the tips given below. 

  1. Short & Eye Catchy (30 – 65 characters) 
  2. Use Numbers (1,2,3, etc.)
  3. Or Use Year, Date, Month (2020, 2019, July 19, Dec)
  4. Use Power Words (Top, Best)
  5. Ignore negative words (A, An, etc.)

Labels / Category

Labels are also an important part of every blog/website. It is used to define the categories of an article. Always try to categories your every new article.   Schedule: It helps your blog post in fast indexing. This article is also a scheduled article. Search engines get to know about our articles before getting published that something new is coming on this day. As it gets published it gets indexed fastly.    Permalink: Permalink also plays a major role in ranking some things to keep in mind while setting custom permalink.   

  1. Use custom permalink 
  2. Short
  3. Must include targetted keywords 
  4. We can’t remove date so don’t think of it. 

Search Description

It is also known as Meta Description. It plays a major role in ranking. Some tips you must follow while entering Search Description. The length of the meta Description should be 155 to 160 characters. 


Body, which is the most important part of every article. We have to give our best in the body. Some tips you must follow which is given below. 

  1. Use H1, H2, H3, all these three tags are very important. Don’t underestimate any Tag. 
  2. Use short paragraphs 
  3. Images (Compressed Images) 
  4. Links (Internal & External) 
  5. Videos (Optional) 
  6. Use lists 
  7. Align text according to their place 
  8. Use simple words in Body. Don’t use tough sentences or words. 


The conclusion is also an important part of a blog post. Some things should be added in conclusion that is given below.

  1. Try to bring your targetted keywords
  2. Make it short.
  3. In the end, try to add the article update date and time or anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will These Things Help Us To Rank Our Blog?

Yes, Sure my friend. These are one of the best SEO Settings that can be done in Blogger (Blogspot).

Are These Settings Safe? 

There settings 100% safe. As you can see we have not used any single external things.

Should I Apply It On My Website? 

If it is on Blogger then you must apply these settings and you will see the results within a few months.

It Is For WordPress or Blogger? 

This article is completely based on Blogger. Some of the above tips you may follow in WordPress.

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be helpful for you.

If you have any queries feel free to discuss it with me, It will be a lovely opportunity to help you.

Each share is very precious for us. So don’t forget to share it on social media.

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