What Is Blogging: Basic Concepts Of Blogging Beginner Must Know

In this article, I will let you know every perspective of Blogging; who is a Blogger? What is the variation between Blog & Website, How Blogger earns, and the best niches to start a blog?

I swear after reading this article, all your queries will be solved.

When I started Blogging In 2019, those days were very laborious for me. By the time I explored almost all the blogging fundamentals, and every single day I keep on learning.

  • Web + Log = Blog

The combination of two terms, Web & Log, becomes a single word called Blog. Web means a website when you visit a page on the web is called website, and Log means to write something such as lettering something in your diary.

When you print those logs on the web using a website, it is called Blog, which is how Blog introduced.

Blog vs Website?

What Is a Blog?

The Blog consists of a domain, hosting, or you can also use free platforms like Blogger (free platform offered by Google). 

By the time its home page changes when the publisher publishes new content. It can also be called a website, but it is not.

What Is a Website?

A website also consists of a domain & hosting, but it is created on a particular topic with dynamic content.

For example, the e-commerce websites sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

You might have noticed their homepage changes very rarely or after a very long time. It doesn’t mean that articles don’t get published and updated on these websites, but those are not displayed on the home page.

A single person can manage a blog, but a website needs teamwork to handle it. The website is used as the brand name in the future, but it is not similar in a blog.

What Is Blogging?

If I ask you to answer, you will have different answers from everyone. But in short and simple, let me clarify.

The process of publishing a blog post on the web is called Blogging.

What do you think about blogging share your viewpoints in the comment section?

Why Choose Blogging As a Career Option?

In my view, Blogging makes you your own boss and provides a boss free job, and there is no time limit, work when you want, and most importantly, there is no limit of money.

Nowadays, Blogging is a respectful job because you’re the one who shares knowledge with millions of people on the web by publishing useful content.

Newcomers think that Blogging is a business that gives a lot of money to every pro blogger just by writing nonsensical articles, but they don’t know the struggle of that Blogger who contribute hours in writing a quality blog post.

When I started Blogging, I was also thinking about the same thing, which is wrong.

Blogging is not only to make money; many people share their knowledge on the internet without earning because it is their passion.

Let me tell you the example of a very famous person who writes blog posts just for sharing whatever he learned in his life. That person is none other than Bollywood Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan, sir.

Each day he publishes a blog post on https://srbachchan.tumblr.com/. As per my knowledge, he is not generating any revenue from this blog.

Who Is a Blogger?

Blogger is a person who shares their valuable content on the internet in the form of video, blog posts, podcasts, etc. Such activities help you own the title of a blogger.

It doesn’t mean that a person who runs a Blog/Website is only a blogger, they are, but the people who provide their worthy content on the web through any sources is a Blogger.

That person can be a YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer, or anyone who creates their unique content.

What do People Think About Blogger?

Many people like daily workers if we tell them about our work and profession, they will joke about us.

They will say they work a full day with a lot of trouble and earn a very little amount, and you people press buttons on Laptops and earning a lot of money. It can’t be possible.

But the people who is already in this industry know the power of blogging.

Should We Blog Only On Topic In Which We Are Passionate?

If you are just a freshman, I will recommend you follow your passion for comprehensive knowledge.

But in the future, if you learned all the techniques, you must go with the topic in which you can generate maximum revenue.

People say, follow your passion, but deep inside, we all know that money is the most important.

For Whom We Should Write a Blog Post For Earning/Visitors?

Yes, absolutely for visitors.

Whenever you publish an article before ending it, ask yourself a question am I satisfied with this. Will it fulfill all my requirements? I will need some more details about it.

If it requires, then add, but if everything looks well-made, hit the publish button.

My dear reader always remembers it.

Never create a website just for earning; make it for readers; if they are satisfied, your Blog will generate massive traffic that you never thought.

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be helpful for you and if you have any inquiries, please let me know through your comments.

These are some of the Basic concepts of blogging that a beginner must know.

If you also know any beginner, you may share this article to help them with these basic blogging concepts.

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