Amazon is the leading platform in the e-commerce market, and it always comes with brand new ways to help people make money online through Amazon. Amazon Influencer Program is one of those.

For social media influencers, it is a great way to generate extra revenue, and It is similar to the Amazon Affiliate.

But before moving forward have a look at my Amazon Influencer Storefront

It is a program launched by Amazon called Amazon Influencer Program by targeting all the social media influencers and content creators.

Here you can create a store of products you want to sell or recommend to your followers if they purchase from your store you earn a small amount of commission. 

Along with the social influencers, Amazon Sellers can also take advantage of this platform by getting their products sold by any famous personality.

Instead of wasting money on marketing, it is better to ask social influencers to promote their products.

At present, most brands, rather than spending money on advertisements, prefer social influencers for promotions.

I have noticed many popular YouTube creator has their Storefront on Amazon. By creating a storefront, they earn a lot of money.

And the best thing about this, you don’t to share too many product links. Just share a single URL, and all your products will appear.

Here I will also be sharing the method I use to get an instant approval for Amazon Influencer Program. And how you can get Immediately after the Sign-Up.

Note: For creating this, make sure you have a computer. But if you have a phone, you need to browse in the desktop view.

How To Create Product List Store On Amazon?

Step 1: Search for Amazon Influencer Program in Google

Amazon Influencer Program

Step 2: Select any of the profile to continue

Step 3: But For Instant Approval Select YouTube or Twitter, I choose YouTube

Select Profile For SignUp

Step 4: If you already have an Amazon Affiliate account, then click sign in otherwise create a new account.

Sign in with affiliate account

Step 5: Sign in with Amazon

Sign in with Amazon

Step 6: Select YouTube Profile > Allow Permission > Fill all the details and continue

Fill correct deatails

Step 7: Upload photos > Fill Details > Continue

Fill The Details

Step 8: If you are not an existing Amazon Affiliate member, then create a new store ID by filling the required details > Save and Finish.

Step 9: If you are an existing Amazon Affiliate member, then select your previous store ID

Select Amazon Store ID
  • Step 10: Here I selected existing store id, you may create a new one
  • Step 11: Select categories according to the products you are going to sell > Save and Finish.
Select Amazon Store ID

Step 12: Here we got a new option in our Amazon affiliate page, “Influencers” (To access your store)

Step 13: Here is your link (You can use this to access your store) > Check The below details and save.

Details to access your store

Step 14: This is how your profile is going to look in mobile > Click on Add To Your Storefront

Add to your Storefront

Step 15: Click on Idea List

create idea list

Step 16: Name the list > If possible write a short description > Create

fill the name and description of the idea list

Step 17: Our list is live, click on Pencil to edit > Click New Idea List To create more lists by the above process.

edit idea lists

Step 18: I created few lists to by following above process

idea lists

Step 19: Go to Amazon (Desktop View) > Search For products > Select it > On the right side near Add to Wishlist Click on the arrow and select the list in which you want to add the product.

adding iphone 8 plus in idea list

Step 20: By following above procedure add all the items in your list > This Is how your profile will look like after adding all the products.

products added in idea list
Idea list overview

People Also Ask

How Amazon Influencer Program Works?

Suppose you are a YouTuber and created an Amazon storefront. All you need to do is to promote your store link through all the possible ways you can. For each purchase, you get paid.

How to get an instant approval for Amazon Influencer Program?

For instant approval, you may use your Twitter/YouTube profile to sign up. But if you have a good fanbase on Facebook/Instagram, you can continue with those too.

What are the requirements for the approval of the Amazon Influencer Program?

There are no fixed criteria, but you can follow these points.
Have a Good amount of followers (no limit).
Your engagement with your followers
Content must be standard.
Your profile should look authentic.

How will I earn through Amazon Influencer Program?

After approval, you get a unique link to visit your storefront, where you have to create idealists and add products to those lists.
If somebody is purchasing through your link, you get a commission, and the commission all depends on the products. There is no fixed commission rate.

Wrap Up

I hope this article would be useful for you to create your own Amazon Influencer Program storefront. If you still have any queries, please let me know, and feel free to contact me.

Peace Out!

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