Difference Between Multi Niche, Niche & Micro Niche
Difference Between Multi-Niche, Niche & Micro Niche
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Difference Between Niche & Micro Niche 

Difference Between Niche and Micro Niche

◆ Niche Means A Website On Particular Topic / Subject (Like a Website on Technology, Health, Blogging, etc.). Niches are created to target a specific Category / Topic.

◆ Micro Niche Means A Simple Website Created On A Particular Keyword / Product (Like a Website on a Specific Phone{iPhone, Redmi}, Weight Loss, Link Building, etc.). Micro Niches are created to target a specific Product.

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 Micro Niche

 1. Website On a Specific Category  Website On a Particular Keyword 
 2. It contains a homepage with few articles, a menu, and a search box.  It contains a simple home page with only a few articles. 
 3. Earning From Affiliate and Advertising  Earning From Affiliate and Advertising
 4. Ex: Health, Technology, Furniture, etc.  Ex: Weight Loss, Artificial Intelligence, Sofa, etc. 

Sometimes it is difficult for a new blogger to understand the difference between Niche, Micro Niche, Blog, and Website. But here we have the answer to all your doubts.

What Is Niche Meaning in Blogging Field?

Niche: In blogging, niche means a particular topic that new bloggers mainly don't understand that what niche actually means. Some blogs are based on multiple niches, on which all the different categories articles get published (Like Health, Technology, Gadgets, etc..). The combination of many niches on one website is known as a multi-niche blog.

But as the time pasts competition increased and bloggers thought of creating a single website for a single niche. Like if I thought to work on a technology niche then that website will have only technology articles. No article related to other categories like health, education, or other.

In simple if I have to say about Niche I will say Niche is a specific topic about which we are going to write.

What Is Micro Niche Meaning in Blogging Field?

Micro Niche: It is a small part of a niche. A website that is not created on a topic but it is created on a single product.

For example if in a niche you are working on Health niche then you can start Micro Niche on Weight Loss, Hair Growth, etc.. and that Micro Niche will contain articles of only Weight Loss or Hair Growth or on Whatever Micro Niche your website is.

How To Select a Profitable Niche?

Selection Profitable Niche is not a tough task that's why here I'm going to share my personal two methods of finding a profitable niche on which you can write the maximum amount of articles very easily.
Here I'm going to share the first method which is very easy and everyone can do this. So follow it carefully,

  1. Take a pen and paper and write 50 topics in which you are interested in and only you can explain in a better way
  2. From the 50 topics filter and select 10 topics which you like the most
  3. After selecting the niche you have to ask 3 questions to yourself
    1. Can you write at least 50 articles without irritation
    2. Are people interested in knowing about those topics
    3. Can you make money from that niche?
    • Can I sell products or services?
    • Can I do affiliate marketing in that niche?
    • Do other blogs are making money in that niche?
If all of these answers are Yes then that niche is the best for you. You must start and start making money on it.
The selection of a profitable niche is not a very hard job but it is also not a task. To find a profitable niche you may follow some of the tips given below to select a better niche.
  1. Look at the things around yourself. 
  2. Think Deeply 
  3. Analyze popular websites (Flipkart, Amazon, etc..) 
  4. Take help from the google search result 
  5. Quora 
  6. Whenever a single keyword arises in your mind just sit and research about it
  7. Get Ideas from YouTube Videos
  8. Ideas from your own daily life
  9. Ideas from movies
  10. Ideas from children, friends, family members. 
These are my 2 personal methods used by me. By this I choose my niches to start blogs.

But my friend if you want to find some more good niches then you have to do deep research according to your market.
Like if your niche is "Health" then you may work on "Weight Loss" or you want to go more deeply then you may go with "Weight Loss For Men/Women". Guys like this only you can find the best niches for you according to your market.

Create a Website For Which People Looking For.

Before creating a website on particular niche research your keyword. Check out the potential of that keyword. Before selecting a keyword remember some of the below tips.
  1. Search Volume 
  2. Clicks & Non - Clicks 
  3. Keyword Difficulty 
  4. CPC 
  5. Analyze Top Ranked Website on That Specific Keyword and try to provide better quality content than them. 

Tips For New Bloggers

  • Try to find low competition high search volume niche.
  • Try to choose a niche in which you know. 
  • If it is a high CPC, it's awesome. 

Existence Of Niche and Micro Niche 

When I was a beginner I also faced a lot of difficulties in understanding many terms related to blogging. I understand your problems very well my friend and I can help you in a better way to understand these terms.

In the past few years, people don't know much about Niche and Micro Niche mainly they know about the websites or blogging. But in recent years the concept of Niche & Micro Niche came into existence in the field of blogging. Niche websites provide valuable content on a particular topic.

How Blogger Earn From Niche & Micro Niche? 

Most of the Niche blogs contain affiliate links or advertisements or maybe both. The interface of these websites is very simple mainly they contain a simple homepage and a few articles, it depends on the niche on what it is created. 

Some niches contain a little bit more articles, a menu, and a search box. It is designed like that everyone can't access every article of that website just after visiting the homepage. 

In a niche, bloggers have to rank their website for a targeted audience. Their audience may not be at largescale, but they generate a lot of revenue from a simple website just by investing some money on domain and hosting.

What Is Best CMS Platform For Micro Niche, Blogger / WordPress? 

There are many online CMS platforms like WordPress and Blogger where you can host (create) your website for free or by buying a paid subscription of hosting.
According to Google, website speed is also a ranking factor so always go for a better hosting provider. 

Niche and Micro-Niche FAQ

Q. Is micro-niche profitable in 2020?
Ans- Yes, Micro-Niche is the most profitable thing in 2020 in the field of blogging.

Q. Is it though to rank Micro Niche?
Ans- Absolutely No, but your keyword is competitive then it may be sometimes difficult.

Q. Is Hex ToiD a niche, micro-niche, or multi-niche?
Ans- Hex ToiD is a multi-niche website. Here all types of contents are getting published.

🤔 If you have any queries regarding Niche and Micro-Niche you may leave a comment in the comment box below. 📝

Wrap Up:
This is the end of the article Niche and Micro Niche Meaning in Blogging Field? With Full Explanation, I believe you have done it completely.
Article Published On April 13, 2020, and Updated On May 27, 2020. 

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