What Is Blogging?

The answer is quite simple but if I ask you to answer every people will give different answers. What do you think about blogging you can share with us in the comment section.

According to my point of view, blogging is the thing which makes you your own boss. Blogging provides you a boss free job, no time limit work when you want to. There is no limit to money in blogging. Nowadays blogging is a respectful job because you're the one who shares his knowledge with millions of people on the internet through a blog post.

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Blogging is not only to earn money many people share their knowledge on the internet without earning because it is their passion.

Who Is a Blogger?


Those people are considered as a blogger who shares their valuable content on the internet. It may be a funny video, blog post, broadcast, etc.. there are many ways. It doesn't mean that a person who runs Blog/Website is only a blogger, they are, but the people who provide their valuable content on the internet through any sources is a Blogger.

Blog VS Website?

Blog VS Website

What is a blog? - Blog consist of a domain, hosting or you can use Blogger (Google Product). The blog is a thing where people publish different kinds of content. It's home page geta changed regularly with time. On the blog, the owner publishes regular content. Its home page is not the same always. It can also be called a website.

What is a website? - A website also consists of a domain & hosting. It is made on a particular topic. Like the websites of shopping sites likes Flipkart, Amazon, etc.. These are websites you might have seen their home page changes very rarely or after a very long time. Articles also get updated on websites but those are not shown on the home page.

The article where you reading is a Blog that I have created to share my knowledge with every internet user. A blog can be managed by a single person but a website needs teamwork to handle it. The website is used as a brand in the future but it is not similar in a blog.

What People Thinks About Blogger?

Many people like daily workers if they know about our work they will make a joke about us. That they work a full day with a lot of effort and earn a very little amount and you people just press buttons on Laptops and earning a lot of money. This can't be possible. But reality not so, only those people can understand this who is in this business.

Should We Blog Only On Topic In Which We Are Passionate?

If you are just a beginner then I will suggest you follow your passion in which you have knowledge. But in the future, if you learned all the tricks and techniques then you must go for the topic in which you earn massive amounts of money. Follow your passion but money is also important.

For Whom We Should Make A Website For Earning or Our Visitors?

Yes, absolutely for our visitors. Whenever you create your website after completion ask yourself a question are you satisfied. Will this website fulfill your all needs, do you want some more things to be added here. If so add. Don't make a website just for earning make it for visitors if they are satisfied your blog will definitely generate massive traffic that you never thought of.

Wrap Up: This is the end of the What Is Blogging 2020: Basics Concepts Of Blogging Beginner Should Know In 2020 article. If you like it please share it with your friends. 
Article updated on May 3, 2020.

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