Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]

If you are having a Wifi Router, sometimes you may be thinking of Funny Wifi Names for your Router. Then you are at right page of the internet, here we have the best collection of Funniest Wifi names, Unique and entertaining Wifi names for your router.

We have divided the Wifi Router names into different categories so that you may find perfect names for Wifi Router easly. Generally people set their Router names on their shop name or their own name. But sometimes that may not be very cool.

Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]
Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]
But we have a trick to change your wifi names into coolest names, that you might have never thought of. Many people keeps something unique names for Wifi Routers to shock their neighbours and customers. Like Shocking, Cool, Funny, Creative, Bollywood Wifi names. You don't know how many people every day tries to connect to your wifi after seeing your connection. So, if your Wifi router name is shocking people will be shocked.

Every Wifi Router has SSID name, that is shown on the users device who tries to connect to your router. That is why good name is very important, sometimes choosing a good name for wifi router is very difficult. So here on this page of the internet you will get Funny, Good, Shocking, Best Wifi names for your router network.

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How To Change WiFi Router Name?

There may be different different ways to change different wifi router name you may check their tutorials on YouTube according to your router.

30 Best Bollywood Movies Funny WiFi Names In Hindi (2020)

Here we are sharing the 30 Funny Bollywood WiFi Names list. I guarantee you will really love this list of these awesome Bollywood Funny WiFi names. Many people loves using bollywood
dialogue as their wifi router name.

Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]
30 Best Bollywood Movies Funny WiFi Names In Hindi 
  1. Aham Brahamashmi.
  2. Kabhi kabhi lagta hai aapun hi bhagwan hai.
  3. Marna hai tereko Bhod***
  4. Jyada Gyan mat ch*d
  5. Sara shehar ka internet mere wifi se chalta hai.
  6. Mein pehle ek router hoon.
  7. Pushpa, I hate passwords.
  8. Kutte mai tera poora data pee jaunga.
  9. Are-o-sambha! Kitne mobile connected hai.
  10. Achha Bh*nch*d
  11. Router ka password kya hai basanti.
  12. Mogambo khush hua.
  13. Hum apke heh kon.
  14. Is router ka kya naam du.
  15. Chal chal apne bap ko mat sikha.
  16. Ladki aur wifi jaha mile lelo.
  17. Ye Mera Wifi hai bete.
  18. Kaha se aate ho be tum gareeb log.
  19. Greeb ka wifi.
  20. Wifi-wala launda.
  21. Bhaag Bhosdi**
  22. Munna bhai zone.
  23. Greebo ka Super Man.
  24. Madarjahan.
  25. Vimal pan masala zone.
  26. Hutiya sala.
  27. Tereko dar nehi lagta.
  28. Itni bar router band chal karung connect karna bhul jaoge.
  29. Bas Karo Shaabji.
  30. Or kitna lega be.

25 Clever WiFi Router Names 

Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]
25 Clever WiFi Router Names 

  1. You have insufficient space
  2. You need to upgrade before connect
  3. Complete Security
  4. Pentagon
  5. Why so serious
  6. Out Of Network Try Later
  7. zombies_are_my_neighbor
  8. Pick Up Your Dog Crap
  9. Two Girls One Router
  10. No Free WiFi For You
  11. FreeWifi
  12. 1 Cup Cofee=WiFi Pass
  13. Work Smart, Not Hard
  14. Slow internet
  15. Free Public Wifi
  16. Internet is disconnected
  17. You can not connect this wifi
  18. Why Are You Connecting to me
  19. Police WiFi
  20. WiFi Hecked
  21. WiFi not secured
  22. Viruss Detected
  23. Infected Network
  24. You are hecked
  25. Govt. Use only

15 Cool WiFi Names

Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]
15 Cool WiFi Names

  1. Password is GF
  2. Let Me heck your phone
  3. Free WiFi(Only For Girls)
  4. Don’t even think about it
  5. Don’t even try it
  6. Stay off my network
  7. Stop connecting Me
  8. I will not give password
  9. Free wifi coming soon!
  10. God is watching you
  11. Network Not Found
  12. WiFi Unavailable
  13. Use Your Own Wifi
  14. Don’t Use My Wifi
  15. Enter Password

10 New Funny WiFi Names List

  1. I’m not Single
  2. I need girlfriend
  3. Avengers WiFi
  4. Send your GF Pic for WiFi
  5. Send me cake for Wifi
  6. Wi-fi Coming soon
  7. Don’t use my Wife
  8. No More free WiFi dude
  9. I Slept With Your WiFi
  10. Defaulter

10 Funny WiFi Names For Shop 

  1. Internet Hunger
  2. Wifi Camp
  3. No Sound Only WiFi
  4. Prohibited Area
  5. I’m Watching You Now
  6. I H@cked Your Phone
  7. Slow Net Connection
  8. Network Error Found
  9. Nobody owns A Wifi?
  10. WillUmarryMe?

10 Top Funny WiFi Names For Cafe 

  1. Let me Know How was the Coffee
  2. No Wi-Fi For You
  3. I’m Your BF’s Father
  4. Tera Baap ka Wifi Hai kya be?
  5. I’m WiFi, not Your GF! OK?
  6. 33 TB/Sec Speed Only
  7. WiFu*K
  8. Slow WiFi
  9. No Internet Access
  10. Viruss injecting

15 Best and Good WiFi Names For Office 

Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]
15 Best and Good WiFi Names For Office 

  1. Work Smart, Not Hard
  2. 2Girls1Router
  3. This is Amazing
  4. TellMyWifiLoveher
  5. VeryMuchSheKnows
  6. Password Wrong
  7. Not Connected
  8. Try Again
  9. TellMyWifiSaidhello
  10. You Pay now
  11. Pay to connect
  12. Download started
  13. Call me Maybe
  14. Le la la la 
  15. Be a fox not lion

20 Most Funny WiFi Names For Club 

Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]
20 Most Funny WiFi Names For Club 

  1. Connect To die
  2. Look I’m Virus
  3. Hurry I’m Wifi
  4. Virus Infected WiFi
  5. Let Me Out Of Your Router
  6. Wifi Protected
  7. WiFi Not secured
  8. Virus Detected! Do Not Join
  9. YerGFIsReallyUgly
  10. Use Your Own Wifi
  11. Don’t Use My Wifi
  12. The Tree Of Wifi
  13. Enter Password
  14. Password Is Password
  15. No Wifi Found
  16. Don’t Waste Your Time
  17. I Don’t Know Password
  18. Wifi Baba
  19. Pay For Use
  20. Not for free
Wrap Up: I hope you like our article Top 200+ Funny WiFi Names for Router Network SSID [Latest In 2020]. I'm sure you will select an excellent name for WiFi network SSID. Please don't forget to leave your feedback in comment section. For more WiFi name collection stay tuned with us. 
Article updated on Mar 15, 2020.

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