PUBG Keyboard Controls: Computer Me PUBG Ko Control Kaise Kare | PUBG Mobile PC Keys

How To Play PUBG In Computer (Controls)

There are default shortcut keys are available for every games in computer like those PUBG also have. Here i have shared all the shortcut keys used to Play PUBG Mobile in computer emulator. These default keys can be changed by your own choice from the option Menu in the Control Tab. 

At present time PUBG mobile is one of the most popular game and if you are playing in PUBG it would be even more intresting than Mobile player. So for Playing PUBG mobile in computer first of all we have to learn the working keys of PUBG Mobile in PC. 

PUBG Keyboard Controls: Computer Me PUBG Ko Control Kaise Kare | PUBG Mobile PC Keys
Play PUBG on computer with these keys - computer shortcut keys of PUBG mobile

PUBG Keyboard Controls

UI Controls

F1Key Reminder Switch (Shortcuts)
F2Quick Chat
F4Emotions (Dance,Smile,Hi, etc..)
TabOpen Bag
CTRL        Mouse Cursor Enable/Disable (Mouse Lock Switch)
FParachute, Open Door/Crate/Drop, Drive, Get In/Out, PickUp Equipments,

General Movements

SpaceJump, Vault, UP
AltFree Look (Eye)
Shift (or =)   Sprint

PUBG Driving Shortcuts

CSeat Change
GBlow Horn(For Driver)
GFire From Vehicle
AltFree Look (Eye)
Air Control Roll Right     E
Air Control Roll LeftQ

PUBG Swimming Shortcuts

Space   Swim Up
CSwim Down

PUBG Fight/Fire Shortcuts

Left(Mouse)Fire/Punch/Pan/Sickle etc...
RGun Reload
1,2,3,Change Guns
4,5,6Frag Grenade, Smoke, Molotov (Stun)
XPan, Sickle, etc..
Mouse Wheel UpNext Weapon
Mouse Wheel Down    Previous Weapon

Peek & Fire

Q     Peek Left
EPeek Right


T    Speaker Turn On/Off
YMic Turn On/Off

Health Power

7      Medikit
8First Aid
0Painkiller /Energy Drink

As you learnt now crouch shortcut key in PUBG mobile is "C". As i have listened about many players they used to change it to CTRL. And Some People like to change Prone Shortcut key in PUBG to "V".

If you are playing PUBG on mobile I will suggest to try PUBG on computer, i'm sure you will really love it. And to make you Pro in PUBG I have shared all the shortcut control keys of PUBG mobile. So that it would help you while playing PUBG.

Note:- Watch This Video To Become Pro From Noob In PUBG emulator

Wrap Up: I hope after reading this article you might have learnt to play PUBG on computer emulator. If you liked this article in any way then please share it with your friends & leave a comment. Thanks for visiting hope to see you soon.
Article updated on Mar 18, 2020.

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